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Samuel McKay Everett

On September 12th, 1995, McKay Everett, a bright, energetic, and compassionate 12-year-old boy, was abducted from his home and murdered by an adult family friend. The motive for the abduction and murder was to reduce a debt and purchase a nicer home. McKay's parents thought and felt McKay was safe inside his home. They were 10 minutes away at a meeting. They had no reason to believe that a family friend would lure McKay away from his safe surroundings.

The Tragic Loss

McKay was missing five long days until the early morning hours of September 17th, 1995; his remains were found in a neighboring state. McKay's family, friends, and the community were devasted. In response to this tragedy, the community established the Samuel McKay Everett Foundation, aka The McKay Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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